Glass Shower and Bathtub Enclosures

From designing and fabricating to installing and repairing of heavy tempered glass enclosure units for the shower or the bath, Apartment Glass Products are the experts. We pride ourselves on quality service and outstanding customer support.

We are top-notch tradesmen experienced in installing any frameless or framed shower or bathtub enclosure system: inline, neo-angle, 90-degree, mixed panel and door, or steam unit. We use 3/8″ and 1/2″ tempered glass, using only high-quality USA manufactured plated hardware in a variety of metals (chrome, nickel, bronze, copper, stainless steel, gold) and finishes. Acid-etched glass, Starphire (low iron glass), and many types of textured glass are available. Samples of glass and metal finishes can be furnished at your request.
All work is measured, delivered, installed and insured.
Most items are generally fabricated in less than 10 days!!

We also carry affordable, standard-sized framed and frameless tub enclosures with 1/4″ tempered glass sliding doors in lustrous anodized aluminum trim (silver, gold, bronze or even custom powdercoated color) – boxed and ready to install by you or us.

How Frameless Shower Enclosures Are Installed

A frameless shower or bath enclosure is one in which the glass door or glass panel itself is not completely encased in a metal frame. Frameless units not going all the way to the ceiling can be (or may need to be) installed with a header – a small metal channel crowning the entire unit from wall to wall for more stability and safety. Most customers prefer the look without the header and, in most cases, find their installed header-free units sturdy enough. But some headerless designs will prove to be quite flimsy even if properly installed and will require unsightly support bars and other attachments afterwards to strengthen under-supported glass panels. Consult with our experienced specialists to make the right choice between a design with or without the header.

Channels, Wall Clips, and Hinges

Channels and/or wall mount clips are used to secure glass panels to the wall, base or ceiling, as you choose, and hinges are to connect the glass door to a wall or glass panel.
Wall mount clips are 2″ x 2″ metal clamps that are screwed to the wall and clamp the glass into place. The glass has to be drilled or cut-out to fit into the clamp. The channel can be screwed or, if necessary, glued to a surface and no glass prep is needed. Though wall clips do cost a little more, buyers prefer their appearance over that of the channels. However, installation conditions and wall conditions will invariably dictate when and which items are to be used.

There are three basic types of hinges used in frameless shower units, wall mount hinges, glass-to-glass hinges and pivot hinges. Glass-to-glass hinges are bigger and require holes and cutouts in both the glass door and the glass panel so will be the more expensive of the three. They can be connected straight or at any angle. Pivot hinges are usually connected one (bottom hinge) to the curb and bottom corner of a glass door and another (top hinge) connected to a ceiling, overhead glass panel or header and the top corner of the glass door. All these items come in different styles and metal finishes.

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